This little girl is Sadee, about 15 pounds and 7 or 8 years old. Sweet and gentle, she just wants to devote herself to a family of her own. Initially shy, it only takes a little love for her personality to blossom. Sadee loves snuggling with her human or dog-siblings or maybe even just a soft blanket. If the sun is out you might catch her sunbathing in the backyard. She will want to come show you how cute she is when she sits up or she might bury her head into your lap. Sadee is such a nice dog. If you are looking for some extra sweetness in your home and a laid back dog who enjoys a home body life then Sadee will be your girl.

Life with Sadee is easy. She’s such a chill dog who enjoys hanging around the house in her favorite bed or on a comfy blanket. She will follow you around at first and you will become familiar with the tap-tap-tap of her nails but she quickly becomes more relaxed and eases into your schedule. As I write this she is snuggled on a soft blanket under my bed.

Sadee really likes going on walks and even likes running and she walks great on or off her leash. She doesn’t pull and will follow close to your feet. Really though, her favorite is just hanging out with her pack and following her people around the house.

Sadee is great with other animals and people. Ignores cats and loves other dogs. She is initially shy until she realizes the new dog or person is her new friend then she will be excited and want to be their best friend. She loves to run out in the yard with all her friends and does well even large groups of larger dogs.

Sadee would thrive in a quiet home that has other confident and gentle dogs from whom she can follow behavior leads. She would not do well left alone for extended periods of time.

Her adoption fee is $250. If you’d like to meet her or learn more about her please fill out an app on our web site.