Our Adoption Policy

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, we’re thrilled!  The first step is to complete our adoption form so we can become better acquainted.

We have found this process to be the easiest for you and our volunteers!

1) Complete this contact form
After we receive your form, a foster parent will contact you. We strive to answer our email within a 24-hour time frame, but we are all volunteers and most of us have full time jobs or other commitments we are balancing.
2) We will contact you – usually with an email. The foster parent will talk to you about the dog you are interested in.
3) Meet the dog Next, we set up a meet and greet for you and your family to meet the dog.
4) Home visit Many times the initial meeting will be at the adopter’s home. If not, we will do a home visit to see the dog interacting in his new home.
5) Adoption! Our foster parents have lived with their foster dogs and know them really well. They can give you lots of hints to make the transition easier!


We make every effort to place our dogs into the best homes possible.  It’s more than taking the first application – its factoring in not only what is right for the dog, but what is right for the adopter.  And a home that is a good fit for one dog might not work at all for another.  It’s about making a long-term connection that will provide a happy and healthy home for all!

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our dogs and your commitment to adopting a rescue dog.  Patience on all our parts will result in the best outcome.



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