Are you looking for a dog who can keep up with your healthy, active lifestyle? Make no mistake: Miles will refuse to be left behind on the couch.

This 42lb, 2 year old cattle dog is an athlete just waiting to be a scholar! Miles wants it all: run a 5k, go kayaking, hike up a mountain, race around the yard, chase a ball, and then learn anything that would make you happy. He’s eager to please and once he’s run out of steam, he can focus on his studies. He’d probably excel at and enjoy Agility and other dog sports.

Miles isn’t a big fan of smaller dogs, but he’s happy to be with dogs bigger than himself. Mostly though, he’d rather be with you, out adventuring in the world. He’d do great in an active home with someone willing to invest time in positive training as well as being his companion while exploring all life has to offer.

Mile’s adoption fee is $250, if you are interested in meeting this sweet boy you can get an application from our website: