Courtesy Listing: Please use the contact info below to inquire about Harley.

Harley came into foster after a shooting in his home killed his sister Cocker. After that Harley could not return to his livelong beloved dog mom. Despite this trauma and loss, he is the sweetest, happiest boy! At the sound of his name his wiggle-butt goes into high gear.

Harley is 12 years old and blind but you might never know it! He manages spaces, stairs and the yard with ease. He loves kids and is fine with other pets. Like any gentleman his age he loves to lounge, and to be near you.

He is neutered and housetrained, enjoys occasional leisurely strolls and is great in the car. He needs a grain-free diet and thyroid pill twice a day, which is inexpensive and he takes easily.

This little boy has the easygoing swinging gait of a happy Eeyore. He loves being talked to and snuggled and has such a mellow demeanor. Nothing rattles this sweet, beautiful boy. Harley would love to be part of your family! To learn more or meet Harley, email his foster mom at kdaelmac@gmail.com. He is in a Portland area foster home and can’t wait to meet you.