Foster Program


A vital part of the rescue process is fostering. It can be a lifeline – a helping hand for a dog that just needs a chance to find its forever home.

Foster parents play an essential role by providing an initial safe and secure environment for a rescued dog. Going from a shelter or a former owner to a forever-home is a big transition, and during the transition phase, rescued dogs require love and patience.

Here’s how our foster parents can help:

  • Taking in a newly rescued dog enables shelters to keep other dogs – especially shelters that will euthanize when full.
  • Providing a nurturing atmosphere that includes; inside shelter, exercise, routine, food and most importantly love.
  • Guiding a dog to relax and learn how to live/behave in a home environment that may be foreign to them. Sadly, some dogs are euthanized simply because they can’t tolerate the stress of a shelter.
  • Contributing by observing the dog’s personality traits. This is essential in finding appropriately matched homes.

It takes special people to provide love and support to a rescued dog on the road to its forever home – it can be hard to say goodbye when the time comes.


If you are interested in helping a dog in need by providing a temporary loving foster home, please fill out the foster application and email it to us at, or contact Cheryl at 503. 974.4944 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Thanks for joining what has become a central part of the rescue process!


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